Entrepreneurial house party: High Caliber Karting and Entertainment

8 Aug, 2023
“Prior to SIG, I had ideas about what I wanted to do, and thought they might be possible,” says Jordan Munsters of High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. “Yet now I am ...

Marcellus Metalcasters: Forging new growth

17 Jul, 2023
“Knowing that I would speak to my team leader in a few days helped me focus and work on my business instead of in it,” says Caitlin McMahan of Marcellus Metalcasters.

Orion Hunting Products: Alleviating shipping headaches

26 Jul, 2022
From CEO roundtables to the System for Integrated Growth, Beau Anderson of Orion Hunting Products has leveraged several of the foundation’s programs, hosted in Michigan in partnership with the MEDC, to ...

Skinnytees: Stretching its marketing acumen

15 Mar, 2021
“On my wish list was marketing, marketing and more marketing,” says Linda Schlesinger-Wagner, Skinnytees founder. "The deliverables were beyond our wildest dreams."

HandyPro: Upgrading recruitment practices

5 Mar, 2021
“I’ve never been part of something like this with such high-caliber experts,” says Paul. “As a result, I think we’ll reach our growth goals faster — and with less headaches."

Josh’s Frogs: Leaping over potential obstacles

3 Dec, 2020
“SIG was far more of a value-add than I expected, both from a knowledge standpoint and a relationship standpoint," says Josh Willard.

Beards Brewery: Crafting a more resilient company

5 Oct, 2020
“It’s easy to start a small business, but once you hit second stage, you encounter unique challenges,” says Ben Slocum, co-founder of Beards Brewery.

boldSOCKS: Finding a foothold in custom products

21 Sep, 2020
Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, boldSOCKS aims to be a one-stop shop for socks — and a model for social impact...

Creative Studio Promotions: Developing a killer sales system

20 Nov, 2019
“The challenge was getting through the prospect’s doors — and getting to the right perso,” said Ann Vidro.

Jeremy Mortl of Messersmith Mfg.

2 Aug, 2019
Jeremy Mortl credits PeerSpectives for helping him with a wide range of issues, ranging from HR strategies to different manufacturing technologies.